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Продажа квартир осуществляется в полном соответствии с 214-ФЗ.

We are ready to offer you a wide range of options for buying an apartment, including mortgages from the leading Russian banks, offsetting existing real estate or flexible individual schedule for payment by installments. In addition, there are special programs that allow you to get an additional discount.

Special Offers

1. Simultaneous purchase of an apartment and a parking place

If an 3 R apartment and a parking place are bought simultaneously, the discount at a rate of 150,000 rubles will be offered. The said program applies if the apartment and parking are paid for in full together. This program is temporary available.

2. Discount for residents of other cities

We offer a special discount off the cost of an apartment in the amount of 100,000 to compensate residents of other cities for flight and accommodation. This offer is temporary available and will not be added to other special offers.

3. Discount for purchase of two and more apartments

If you buy more than one apartment in our house, we are willing to offer you an extra discount off the cost of the second, third, etc. apartment in the amount of 2% of the price. This program is temporary available.

Offsetting an existing apartment

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to purchase an apartment with the simultaneous sale of the existing real estate you own. Our experts together with the partner company will carry out a transaction to sell your old apartment as scheduled and agreed upon. Meanwhile, the price of the apartment you buy during registration of the transaction will remain unchanged for you.


We cooperate with the largest and most successful Russian banks in mortgage business.Our specialists will help you choose the most favorable loan program and pass all the procedures from the loan application with the bank until you get a positive decision. You can purchase an apartment using the parent capital funds.

Payment by installments

Installment is granted for the period until 30.04.2019, provided that the initial installment of at least 30% is paid. Nevertheless, we are ready to negotiate a variety of options for an individual payment schedule.

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