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About the house

...This place literally breathes with history, saturated with historic events and deeds.

The residential building is situated in the historical part of the Petrogradskaya Side on Bolshaya Zelenina Street, it consisting of four sections of different heights, 4 to 8 floors. The building accommodates 92 apartments only, which emphasizes its high profile, conceals the house from prying eyes, at the same time, presenting magnificent city panoramas to the residents. Some apartments, primarily, situated on the upper floors, are provided with large terraces and winter gardens.

We have thoroughly elaborated design solutions in detail, so, the house offers a wide selection of lodgments – from small and cozy flats with an area 43 sq. meters to spacious exquisite apartments up to 130 sq. meters. All design solutions are modern and convenient, well thought-out and ergonomic.

However, every resident is unique, that is why we tried to create the widest opportunities for merging and increasing the areas. For the car owners, the underground heated parking for 56 cars is designed, with the elevator taking the passengers to each floor.

Place History


...This place is rich in architectural traditions in the light of modern life and technologies

Architectural solutions are presented in Art-Nouveau and neo-classicism style, thus perfectly matching the surrounding buildings, based on traditions and highlighting refinement and aristocratism.

For the lining of the ground floors, natural stone is used, the main entrances decorated according to custom design using modern materials.

The adjacent area landscaping is made under an author's design, with recreation areas, a private park and children's playground arranged.

The ceilings are three meters high.

At the entrance, a concierge will welcome heartily you and you guests in the spacious hall.

The house will be equipped with decorative lighting, which emphasizes its merits even more impressively.

The ground floor accommodates built-in commercial offices and a children development club.

Most of the apartments are equipped with glazed recessed and protruding balconies, or open terraces. The decoration of the house is the bay windows on the front facade, available in some apartments.


We would like you to feel as comfortable and calm as possible, so, we have applied all the most advanced engineering solutions in the house, among them:


Low noise high-speed KONE elevators of premium class without engine room, allowing you to climb from the parking level to each floor;


Wooden windows of premium segment with triple glazing with increased noise insulation. Reinforced steel doors with improved sound insulation and fittings. Glazed recessed and protruding balconies


The system of air infiltration, ensuring the influx of clean air into the apartments. Dedicated places for installation of outdoor air conditioners units;


A heating system with temperature control and individual heat supply metering systems. Steel VOGEL & NOOT heat exchangers equipped with a built-in thermostat to set and maintain the desired temperature in the apartment


We give priority to security issues in the house, because they aim at maximum security for the residents.

The house is equipped with modern multi-level systems of video surveillance, control and access control to the house territory, a central security point, video intercom, and a reception area in each lobby. The territory of the house is protected from outsiders, and full control is provided by CCTV cameras installed at the entrances to the courtyard and parking, on the adjacent area and on the ground floors, in the entrance halls and elevators.


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